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Pollinator Gardens

What are pollinator gardens? This is a garden that is filled with plants that attract bees & hummingbirds that will then pollinate other plants.

Pollinator gardens require a lot of careful planning to create a successful pollinator garden. The first step is to choose your location. While flowering plants can grow in both shady and sunny locations, consider that Butterflies and other pollinators like to bask in the sun and some of their favorite wildflowers grow best in full or partial sun with some protection from the wind.

Once you choose your location, you can then choose your plants. Native plants are the ideal choice because they require less maintenance and tend to be heartier. Find a nursery that specializes in native plants near you and you’ll also want to focus on selecting perennials to ensure your plants come back each year and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Once you have got your pants seeded or planted it will take some time, but eventually you'll see butterflies and other pollinators enjoying the garden. Make sure to weed and water your garden to keep it healthy.

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